When there is nothing else, a blank piece of paper will do. I will plan any structure after a long consideration of all the factors that will affect my new design.

Is it permitted in this location by the codes? And if it is what are the local requirements? Specific Plans, Building Codes, City Ordinances and General Plans, Commissions and Committees and finally City Councils.

Can I bring all of those factors to match my client's wishes? In the back of my mind I keep thinking that I am not designing a monument to myself, but a place with human scale where those who will use it, view it and come in contact with it will simply feel that they belong there and that the design belongs to them.



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  Before You Remodel

Follow these steps to get your home improvement project on the right start. Links and resources for drafting your design ideas, finding builders and architects, negotiating contracts, getting permits, and more


  Picking House Paint Colors

A well-chosen selection of contrasting trim and accent colors can draw attention to architectural details and disguise design flaws. A poor selection can make a house seem flat and featureless -- Or so garish that the color overwhelms the architecture. Here are a few pointers to guide you as you choose house paint colors.